DarkOpera combines DarkCrypto and FRAX’s design with multi-printer.

What is DarkOpera?

DarkCrypto on the Cronos chain has already been in the process of developing the DarkVerse ecosystem including Banks(Yield Farming), Boardroom (Stake shares and Earn), DarkAuto — the best yield optimizer on Cronos, DarkNess (stable coin DEX), and game places for Dark players namely DarkVegas and DarkRoll. In addition, DC developers are perpetually engrossed in improving, innovating, and expanding DarkVerse.
Having integrated into Fantom, DarkOpera is supposed to be the foremost cross-chain project of DC, consisting of the following tokens:
  • DarkOpera Token (DARKO): the algorithmic token pegged to FTM
  • DBOO: the algorithmic token pegged to BOO
  • DUAH: the algorithmic token pegged to UAH
  • DarkOpera Shares (FRANK): which holders can claim multiple rewards when the network expands

Why Fantom Opera?

  • Fantom is modular
Lachesis represents one layer, the consensus, of the blockchain technology stack and can be plugged into any distributed ledger. Lachesis powers Fantom Opera mainnet deployment, which uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and it’s compatible with Ethereum. The modularity makes Fantom exceptionally flexible.
  • Fantom is secure and environmentally friendly
Fantom utilizes a Proof-of-Stake mechanism, with FTM serving as a staked coin to protect its decentralized network and transactions. Unlike Proof-of-Work, used by Bitcoin and Ethereum, Proof-of-Stake prevents centralization and saves electricity. Lachesis can provide institutional-grade security to distributed networks. Fantom offers absolute finality, which means that transactions can never be reverted like in networks with probabilistic finality. The consensus mechanism can also scale to hundreds of nodes, increasing decentralization and security. Lastly, Lachesis is leaderless. By removing leaders, security doesn’t rely on a small set of actors.
  • Fantom is open-source
Our teams are committed to creating building blocks for anyone to use and customize to their needs. We relentlessly aim for high transparency regarding our work. Based on these principles, our code is open-source and available on Github.

What differentiates DarkOpera from other protocols?

  • The first multi-rewards protocol on Fantom Opera:
DarkOpera is the first of its kind and combines DarkCrypto and FRAX's design with a multi-printer in the Boardroom. Users will stake $FRANK in the Boardroom to earn multiple rewards ($DARKO, $DBOO, and $DUAH). Every time users claim rewards from Boardroom; there are two options available for claiming. Users must pay an amount of $FTM according to 25% rewarded tokens. Or you can receive a 20% discount (according to 20% rewarded tokens) by using $DARK as the payment token. In addition, a 1% transaction fee will be applied for every transaction of $DUAH, which is forwarded to the Red Cross to support Ukrainian affected by the war.
  • Tax mechanism
Unlike other algorithm protocols using Bond as a mechanism, DarkOpera uses a tax system to reduce the supply and therefore help to push token price back to peg. A tax rate of 15% will be applied for any transaction out (Swap/Add Liquidity/Zap in) when the Multi Printer (DARKO, DBOO, DUAH, etc.) price is below the Current Market Price of the token it is pegged. This advanced mechanism helps prevent panic selling of users when the market condition turns unfavorable and balances the buy and sell pressure of the tokens.
  • Advanced features from DarkCrypto
With the expansion of DarkCrypto to Fantom, we also bring state-of-the-art integrations of token utilities to the community. DarkVerse (games like DarkRoll, DarkVegas, DarkSport) and Defi Applications (DarkNess Dollar, Swap, DarkBridge, DarkAuto, DarkBoost) are the two main components to serve the circulation of any tokens within the ecosystem. DarkCrypto's vision is to become the one-stop-shop for users to exploit the chance to earn benefits from all chains that appear
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